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Humans & Spaces

I have a special link with the living spaces since my childhood. This powerful link leads me to understand a place and its needs, thus being able to "speak" with it.


For more than twenty-five years, the houses with which we live, my family and myself, have been entirely restored by us. I seek fluidity and harmony.

I am working and creating today so that Human creates and maintains a powerful link with the spaces with which he evolves.

I integrate art and a form of philosophy as well as the inconsciousness in the approach of the home. I consider a place of life as a person and from this principle a mirror in which our own functioning is reflected.

The "well living at home and in oneself" of tomorrow is being prepared today. The housing approach will have to be plural. Energetics, psychology, personal development and decoration will have to coexist in a search for interior ecology and existential philosophy.


Decoration and art will no longer be used to show our wealth, but to reveal our inner wealth. It will be about ARTmony (art & harmony)!

Créacteur de vie(4).png

Our living space is made up of "little things" that form a big whole. This is how it can become a wonderful playground and exercise ground for developing our potential, sharpening our sense of observation and practicing the art of contemplation (see my book "Well at home, well in oneself").

Colors, materials, shapes, perspectives are all sources of inspiration to make our interior - at home and in us - balanced and harmonious in order to bring us what we need. Indoor and outdoor are intimately linked to allow the body to move always fluid.

These moments, moments of everyday life, objects, furniture or even rooms, suggest without ever imposing anything. They offer staging, like living paintings. Because of the colors used and the angles carefully chosen, they speak to the unconscious. The work is done, in a subtle form: the ART of mixing the "home" with personal growth and aesthetics, takes its place.




Personalized coaching and accompaniment to work on yourselves, your living space and its fluidity, its atmosphere in order to be in well-being at home, to invest your life and your environment.


  • You take a step on yourself, your space being a mirror in which your life is reflected.

  • You understand and act on what blocks you in your life at large.

  • You learn to communicate with your space, after understanding its needs and yours.

  • You learn to combine decoration and interior harmonies.

  • You discover what can potentiate the energy system of your space (choice of colors, materials, placement of furniture or objects, "cleaning", layout, etc.), depending on its history, yours, but also depending on the type of your floor, the exposure and the the climatology of your region.

  • You develop your perceptions.

  • You have access to good practices and basic rules with... what you don't see!

100% remote support via Skype possible outside region 33 (France) and abroad.

Other: large areas, support before and during renovation work, professional spaces (medical office, offices, etc.).

IMPORTANT: You must imperatively agree to work on yourself during this process which will change your life, your living spaces and the perception you have of them.

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