Living SpaceS

I have a special link with the living spaces since my childhood, but it took me many years to accept it. This powerful link leads me to understand a place and its needs, thus being able to "speak" with it.


For more than twenty-five years, the houses with which we live, my family and myself, have been entirely restored by us, including the gardens.


From the cowherd's house from the end of the 19th century to the small pavilion from the 1970s in a former working-class district in the Bordeaux suburbs, passing through the contemporary, I am keen to magnify the original soul. Based on my lifelong experience and my multiple knowledge in different fields, I seek the right balance between energy and aesthetics, as well as the fluidity between spaces.

I subscribe to the tradition of  the "ecosophy ". I integrate a form of philosophy as well as psychology into the approach to housing. I consider a place of life as a person and from this principle a mirror in which our own functioning is reflected.

Cuisine Villa Port Miou


It was by listening to the needs of our little house from 1974 acquired at the end of January 2020 (and still under renovation today!), that I had the idea of proposing workshops in its heart. While there is nothing ostentatious about it, our house asked for an opening to the world in an idea of "sharing". What could be more coherent than offering workshops around the living space inside a living space (which is now called "Villa Port Miou") where everything has been thought out for fluidity, balance and welcoming?

Patience ! It's coming soon... In the meantime, follow the adventures of Villa Port Miou, its renovation, thoughts / advice on home energies, around always thoughtful publications on the (discreet) Instagram account : @villaportmiou_by_sc

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It can happen to me to intervene in "coaching" for the creation of interior harmonies on living spaces. For me, the "well living at home and in oneself" of tomorrow is being prepared today. The housing approach will have to be plural. Energetics, psychology, personal development and decoration will have to coexist in a search for interior ecology.


A living space is like a mirror. It reflects where we are in our life. To live with it is to listen to it, to understand it, to communicate with it and thereby to do a work on ourselves. We must therefore be ready to accept hearing, changing and moving.

I don't do the things in your home: I transmit how to listen to it, understand it, communicate with it, use the forces in presence in an intelligent way, move its inner world at home and in oneself. My only goal is that everyone has enough tools to evolve in a fluid and balanced way.

You have the "Let's stay connected" page or my email to tell me about your project and your needs. I will come back to you.