Living SpaceS

I have a special link with the living spaces since my childhood, but it took me many years to accept it. This powerful link leads me to understand a place and its needs, thus being able to "speak" with it.


For more than twenty-five years, the houses with which we live, my family and myself, have been entirely restored by us.


Based on my lifelong experience and my multiple knowledge in different fields, I seek the fluidity between spaces, the right balance between energy and aesthetics.

I subscribe to a new design approach. I integrate a form of art and philosophy as well as the psyche of the individual in the approach of the habitat. I consider a place of life as a person and from this principle a mirror in which our own functioning is reflected. The design of the housing of tomorrow will have to count with the physical, psychic well-being and on the energetic of Life at large.

The "well living at home and in oneself" of tomorrow is being prepared today. The housing approach will have to be plural. Energetics, psychology, personal development and decoration will have to coexist in a search for interior ecology and existential philosophy.

Créacteur de vie(1).png


I rarely intervene today in "coaching". When I do this, it is in an aim of creating inner/interior harmonies (in oneself and at home. What are the needs of your place of life (shapes, colors, organization of spaces, etc. while making it simple?). What does it tell about itself... and about you? How does your own story resonate? What about understanding visible and invisible forces at play? How can you activate them? And other more personal questions, related to your own evolution.


To live with your immediate environment you have to listen to it, to understand it, to communicate with it and thereby to do a work on yourself. You must therefore be ready to accept hearing, changing and moving.

I propose a personal approach (and/or professional) through the habitat. I am not an architect or interior designer. I place my perceptive and accompanying abilities at the service of the bond of man with his close environment, but also with himself.

Professionals or individuals: you have the page "Stay connected" or my mail to tell me your project and your needs if you think I can help you in the link you have with your space of life. This is what I need to how to tell you how I can possibly accompany you.

The accompaniments are possible remotely (on photos and exchanges via Skype). We create the link together and I do not need to go on site to "see" and understand. I feel whatever the distance.