Multipotentiality is less fashionable than hypersensitivity or giftedness. It designates in particular a visceral need and an ability to understand and integrate very quickly various fields, to build bridges between them. It is therefore a particular neural wiring that relies on horizontal (learn, teach and leave) and not vertical (learn and stay) functioning. The appetites of the multipotential are plural and seem contradictory to others. Whereas for the multipotential, everything is linked. Which brings a new vision, even innovative. It is therefore necessary to distinguish this functioning from slashing (occupying several professions or activities in a compartmentalized way) or from instability. The multipotential can only flourish in multiplicity, novelty and non-repetitiveness. He can even excel in several areas at the same time.

You must integrate the dimension of multipotentiality to understand the variety of my approaches and the eclecticism of my profile.

Rather discreet and giving priority today to writing, creation and living spaces, I work thanks to the "word of mouth" of people who trust me regarding transmission, support and workshops.

I reveal my many facets with sincerity and passion, and advocate experiencing: I rely on my long (and horizontal!) life experience, both personal and professional, to transmit and share. My goal ? Disseminate the principle that we do not have to find our place but to create it and that, as Albert Einstein wrote, everything is energy.

Existing spaces :

Perceptual Wine Tasting Workshops (co-facilitated with a Bordeaux Wine Man):

information on request.

Channeled messages "A year for oneself":

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Previously created spaces (years in a therapeutic practice):


Audio modules "Bach Flowers differently" and "The Being & Me in the feminine" (french only):

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