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It is necessary to integrate the dimension of multipotentiality to understand the variety of my approaches and the eclecticism of my profile. It is also necessary to be OPEN to my perceptions and intuition, wich are invited to the heart of all accompaniment and transmission.

1:1 Individual appointment

I don't do any advertising. I work through word of mouth and the "chance" of life. My goal ? Disseminate the principle that we do not have to find our place but to create it and that, as Albert Einstein wrote, everything is energy.

I rely on both my long (and horizontal) life experience and my perceptual abilities to support you on an existential issue, whether professional or personal, or in the emergence of your potentials.


I transmit and share with sincerity and passion and work on demand. I do not impose any precise follow-up or rhythm. A single appointment can be enough for you to advance on your path, unblock a situation or simply feel "better".

Appointment: phone (France), Skype (international)

Duration: 1h30


Preparation: minimal preparation is required.

Mail to specifying your need.

Cadre de fenêtre rouillé

Shutters metaphor

Séverine Camus is very caring and knowledgeable in helping people achieve fulfillment on their personal path. Without judgment and very fair in her broad perception of the people she guides, her support has helped me to reveal all my potential to carry out my projects and find a new inner balance.

Her great culture, her strong sensitivity and her rich experience allow her to better understand the situation of people and to respond to a wide range of issues.

At my own pace, our exchanges allowed me to progress positively to face the trials of life, and to evolve in harmony with myself within my environment.

I very cordially thank Séverine for her benevolence and her great open-mindedness which are so precious to find strength, serenity and lucidity every day.

This experience was the way to elevate me towards self-fulfillment and altruism. (David)

2:2 Transmitting space



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2:3 Sharing space (for site subscribers only - see "Contact")

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