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Testimonials, deep words, sometimes modest, often sent by email. Discreet souls, most of the people who follow me are not on social networks. I share here some testimonials, the longest with the agreement of their authors.

Thank you to all of you for your trust which touches and nourishes me every day.

"Another wonderful visualization & relaxation ... Thank you for sharing" (M.)


"Thank you very much for this very interesting podcast. Your words resonate in me and allay my doubts ✨" (L.)


" That feels good .. to listen .. Thank you very much 🙏💐" (P.)

" Thank you for your advice. Your audio sessions make me feel better." (V.)

" So beautiful your message ❤️ you are wonderful. Thank you to life for bringing me to you." (M.)

" Thank you for the light you bring. With your heart and beyond." (D.)

"[...] The discovery of your site and this nice video on our dreams which need us :-) Here is the path to reach you." (N.)

" I was touched by the Covid and I just listened to your moment of relaxation and help on the kidneys and I thank you for this sharing which has done me a lot of good. [...] You are a to be of light. " (I.)

"I wanted to thank you for this telephone exchange. It did me a lot of good. Certain words and certain sentences that you pronounced make me feel and confirm the feeling which I already spotted in me. I took well. act of your messages. For several years, I advance, I have evolved, and I am satisfied with that. Doors have opened, others are ajar and there are still some which are locked. I will continue my path .... I will come back to you to give you my news and continue my journey with your support It is fabulous what you do !! I hope that one day I will be able to help and support people even more; I think I was born with this contract. Thank you. " (Ch.)


"Séverine Camus is very attentive and wise in helping people to achieve fulfillment on their personal journey. Without judgments and very fair in her broad perception of the people she guides, her support for me has helped to reveal all my potential for carry out my projects and find a new inner balance.

His great culture, his strong sensitivity and his rich experience allow him to better understand the situation of people and to respond to a wide range of issues.

At my own pace, our exchanges allowed me to progress positively to face the trials of life, and to evolve in harmony with myself within my environment.

I cordially thank Séverine for her kindness and her great open-mindedness, which are so precious in finding strength, serenity and lucidity every day.

This experience was the way to elevate me towards self-fulfillment and altruism.

Many thanks, I wish you the best. " (D.)

" From our first meeting, just 2 years ago, I was fully touched by what Séverine offers as a gift over the course of one session ... over each session ... Séverine is Solar and luminous, full of Benevolence, Attention, Listening, Availability, Generosity, with an immensely large heart; she offers real accompaniment and it is so good to welcome.

During the meetings, I discovered in her fully human approach her many skills, her know-how and how much she loves what she does.

Our discussions have led me to a better understanding of myself, to gradually cure my ailments of the soul and accept myself as I am. I chose to be an "actor" of my best being, to appropriate my healing path; I want this path in full awareness and we are a great team.

I feel evolved, grown up, she is a whiff of O2 and the image I have of myself is much more beautiful when we leave each other; I trust myself and I trust life. This feeling is wonderfully sweet to be felt right down to the depths of me. I have always regretted not having met her earlier but the main thing is to have found her one day on my way.

Thank you life .

A big thank you to you Séverine you are an exceptional therapist. " (D.)

"A beautiful meeting of benevolence, sweetness, a presence over the months and over the years, yes precisely taking care of yourself. And if it all started with that, not to tell yourself but to think about yourself. Hey yes Séverine, I had to time to understand. Patience and perseverance on your part. Thank you. " (M.)

" Ah, where do I start? I'm delighted that Séverine was put in my way.

We first contacted each other by phone almost a year ago. I was then at the bottom of the abyss. But she knew I still had a bit of work and experience to do before we met. And that's what I liked. Quite simply, at the end of our phone conversation she said to me, “… do that first and see. And maybe then we'll go a little way together, or not. ". Through words, she left me the choice, she never positioned herself as "essential", she always leaves time for personal development.

Séverine is very gentle, caring, open-minded, tolerant and has great logic that I appreciate a lot. She brings me great serenity through her support and professionalism. I look forward to doing more work with her in the future . " (J.)

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