The desire to immerse myself in the energy of Paris came. Even if I don't like this city for having lived there a fatal adventure in another life, I must admit that it fascinates me ...

The feather slides alone on the paper, tracing the contours itself. It is after that I use the features to reveal a face or an eye, here and there ... The writing-trance is always present, carrying messages and vibrations.

My arborescent mind transfers its images to paper. The line is fast. Once everything is thus laid down, comes the time for meticulous details. Hours of smal points with a penholder... The color only arises at the end, by touches. We thus have the impression of having two techniques, two ways of drawing. This corresponds to my two cognitive stages.




Technique: China ink Sennelier (black), Posca (blue)

Edition: unique work on paper 1.20 mx 1 m

Frame: to be defined . The work can be processed in one piece, or cut and separated into four by me at specific places to create four stories in one.


This will depend on the place that will host the creation. The work was conceived thus.

The framing can therefore be worked with you, according to your space, your colors and your desires.