• Séverine C.

Vibrations of the year 2021

What are the vibrations for this new year? Like last year, I share with you my perceptions, as well as a channeling, on what is taking place this year. It's up to you to choose the version that speaks to you the most. If 2020 was tinged with "unprecedented", 2021 is a year of ... "surprises". You will have the choice to see it as a constraint or an opportunity...

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(illustration Séverine C.)

Spontaneous perceptions (simple visualizations)

2021 will be a year of splits: those who freeze in fear and anguish will not get any better. Those who nurture hope and confidence in a future in which they can, and must be, actors will raise their vibrations. Our behaviors today shape our future, and what follows is just a vision of phenomena whose course we can still change if we become aware early enough of our way of occupying the ground and of thinking.

From 2021: specific, sporadic phenomena, by region. This concerns regions in different countries, and there will be localized disparities. One region may experience drought, even fires or intense cold, and another region, a deluge of water, at the same time. "Too much" on one side, "not enough" on the other, or "too much", but not the same. Surprising? We will have much more "particular" in the future than what happens in this month of January at the level of the cold wave in certain countries, because the image of which I speak in my book is still present.

The volcano I have had in mind for over a year, with snow in the foreground (glaciers?), Is also still present in my mental screen. He is preparing, quietly, to be talked about one day (when?).

Species (animals, insects +++) proliferate in one place and become scarce in another, according to a sometimes surprising inter-regional imbalance.

The Earth, which has its own energy, is waking up and going to shake itself, like "the dog coming out of the water", in various places on the planet, at the same time sometimes. Which may surprise us.

Faced with all this, women's networks will emerge, for the good of all. Women, and sometimes young people, will reach high strata of power in countries. Feminine energies are going to be important in the years to come. But beware, in some of these countries, these women will "masculinize" their approach in order to be able to exist in the arcana of power, which will not be as successful as hoped.

2021 sees new movements and trends (in connection with the split); there will be more and more 'anti' something, and 'pro' something, which will sometimes clash. This year marks cuts, including even within the powers that be. Arms raised all over the world (remember my post from last year), against these powers. Until 2023. When we should be united. We are asked to align with our own axis: let us be centered within ourselves.

The sometimes drastic response of governments to run after the covid, in line with what is happening today, will last until the first half of 2022. Less freedom.

Keep your masks, because they will be part of the accessories to have in the future !!! But they will evolve ... We will even one day have to wear more restrictive masks (not only against the growing fear of viruses, but also because of air pollution) ...

The water is becoming "blue gold," but no one seems to care. Beware of industrialists, or private individuals, who will buy sources and thus monetize future water. Some governments will leave the total management of water resources to private companies in the future ... Countries will start to take advantage of everything that is happening today, and it is not necessarily those we are thinking of ... (like African Continent).

New phenomena hitherto little observed, perhaps because we are busy looking elsewhere, will emerge. Social networks. Leaders who will allow themselves freedoms, sometimes outrageous, as if the power had crossed in 2020 a border until then remained virgin.

Yet it is possible to rise in 2021, and it is given to us. Whoever wants to believe and be daring. We have to recreate ourselves, everything is there to invite us and allow us to succeed. The energy is quite powerful. We have to trust and respect the home in which we live.

This is the year we are given the chance to wake up… if we wish. Our future is shaped by our actions today. Nothing is ever engraved, and any vision of the future is re-parameterized ... Be aware of your actions! FROM TODAY. This year is powerful for that +++.

If necessary, come back to my post on 2020 energies; everything was not totally unreasonable in what I wrote ... However, always keep a step back and temperance in the face of any "vision" on the future *. (Night from December 29 to 30, 2020)

Addition of 02/08/21: some notes dating from 12/19/20 found this day (I have notes everywhere as soon as I have "visions" ... which sometimes generates the surprises of the re-discovery at the bottom of a drawer): A volcano that has been present in my mental screen since 2020, still asleep for the moment but whose activity must be taken into consideration for the future. Surrounded by glaciers. The more we try to control, the more we will have to accept the risk. The latter will be growing. And the more it grows, the more we will try to control what will have the effect of limiting some of our freedoms. Countries that will be talked about: Russia, India, Italy, parts of Africa. These countries will find themselves in the spotlight, and not always for noble reasons. Europe will be overwhelmed. The Earth which has its own energy will be heard, and more and more. She will show her disagreement, as will certain groups of people around the world who will raise their voices and arms in the streets. Barricades, anger, incomprehension, sadness, despair, mistrust too. More than ever we will need noble causes and glimmers of hope. An anachronistic climate wave in a Western country concerns the cold / snow.

Channeling :

“Love is infinite, Love is great. Put yourself back within yourself, that is what must be clear for the days to come. No doubt you will come out of where you are in your evolution. You have not yet reached the apex of the dreaded curve, You have not yet reached the apex of your growing paradoxes.

No shame on you, know that Love is vast enough to welcome you. Never doubt. Do not doubt more about life which is full of surprises, but which never surprises you and worries you. Worry has no place anymore, you have given to it too much. Accept the emptiness, necessary to welcome your better days. In the face of current events, there is no new world, as you call it. What is this? As if you could erase everything, and start over? You are on a continuity, even if there are bends, a curve which forms a parabola... "rocambolesque"! We have fun with it; sometimes less, it is true. But these are your choices, first individual, then individualistic.

Open your eyes, be on the lookout for the beauty around you. Do not remain frozen in your fear and your existential immobility. Come on, believe, be open. Let your intimate, true ruby ​​emerge within you. The world has always been chaotic, don’t strive for perfect calm! It’s up to you to find it within yourself. You still have a little way to go, it's not the end yet !!! Trials, as always, but also extraordinary human experiences, will allow many of you to discover yourself. Finally, would it be good to say!

There will also be some great human evolutions. Some wings are already quivering. Everything will be made available to souls who will want to take of their clothes sewn with fears, even terrors. Love the Earth, return to the sources, to the base of your alignment. Decenter yourself and observe who you are. Do you feel this Love so great that it would only take a drop to envelop all of humanity?

Phenomena which are unusual to you will be presented to you, cyclical, which you will find exaggerated, beyond your reach. You have not yet reached the top of the parable ... There will be "worse", depending on your perspective, but also better. Choose which kind of humans you want to be for tomorrow. Everything is there, and yet you do not see it, in front of your eyes, so blind. Come back to your essence. Believe in yourself, in everything, in the great whole, in the life, in your life, in your Love which we know powerful.

Love unconditionally. "

January 15, 2021