• Séverine C.

Vibrations of the year 2022

I invite you to reread my post from January 2021, on the energies of the past year. You will find many answers because 2022 is only a continuity. Everything is there, ex: "The sometimes drastic response of governments to run after the covid, in line with what is happening today, will last until the first half of 2022. Less freedom." or "Leaders who will allow themselves freedoms, sometimes outrageous, as if the power had crossed in 2020 a border until then remained virgin."

There is little to say about this year, except that it is in the continuity of last year. The countries that have been talked about (see my post of January 2021: "Russia, India, Italy, certain areas of Africa. These countries will be in the spotlight and not always for noble reasons. Europe will be outdated."). For some, they will continue to be talked about and to shake up the order of the fragile world.

2022 will mark "cuts-off" already started in 2021, a huge turning point. But these cuts-off will be clear: cuts with oneself, cuts of leaders with peoples, cuts within society itself.

Cuts-off so sharp that some groups will emerge to form a "society in society" among themselves. This idea will make its way for the visionaries. They will come out well from this.

Return to a form of calm in 2023. A calming of the spirits. The wounds will be healed, and some of them will be deep, hence the vibrations of the year 2022. Valuable information about the current situation will emerge in 2025. Forms of truth.

2022 is an intermediate year in many countries, marking transitions, whether happy or not.

This volcano, which is in my mind for two years, is being talked about this year. It is very active.

Planes nailed to the ground. One disappears from the radar screens, suddenly. Hijacking? Getting shot? Crashed?

This year, the two words will be important: ALIGNMENT and WISDOM.

You will always have to ask yourself if your body is properly aligned and if your words/actions are filled with wisdom.

Remember these two words because they are far more important than you can imagine.

CC - January 5, 2022