• Séverine C.

The places have a soul #1: the highest cliff in France, Cap Canaille

The Cap Canaille, a 394-metre-high colossus at the dominant point, is the highest maritime cliff in France and one of the highest cliffs on the European landscape.

Located near Marseille (south of France), Cap Canaille conveys a timeless energy. The rock of the Calanques Park, not far from there, finds all its strength.

The rock generally has a very special vibration, even more when confronted with the marine elements... It emanates from these places an energy that lifts us from within, linked not only to its history, but also to its own nature.

The giant seems to throw himself into the Mediterranean Sea. The declining light of the end of the day dances on the millenary strata of its summit. The orange, the ochre, the brown, the purple, in layers of thousand leaves.

It invites to heights, far from battles, fights, torments.

From its highest point, one can guess the curvature of the Earth. It is there that we are called to take off from our worries, whatever they are. Everything seems futile to us.

Then the strange sensation of being terribly alive assails us. Life is in us. We are the life.

The places have a soul. Powerful.

Thank you, my friend, for rocking me since I was a child, and for continuing to surround me with your arms. Thank you for this moment that lasted an eternity, on January 1, 2021, on your most vertiginous point. Thinking only of the present moment. Taking this memory, accompanied by my two sons.

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photos Séverine & Aryel Camus