Living rooms, dining rooms, hallways, discover the spaces modified and renovated by us, at the rate of our changes of houses

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Create continuity between indoors and outdoors

I always want to invite the outdoors into my living space. The energetic continuity between the different universes is indeed important. The passage should be smooth.

"Lavila Port Pin"


Invest all the rooms

We underestimate the importance of hallways. Yet they are an integral part of a living space. In addition, they are places of passage and distribution of energies in the other rooms. There must be no break between the rest of the house and the rooms served.

The decoration, the colors, the objects, must be chosen with care.

"Villa Port Miou"

Photo Séverine Camus

Respect the soul of the house and seek the alchemy of colors

Each place has its own history, marked in particular by its date of construction. Furniture, colors, must echo it while introducing our own personality.

"Villa Port Miou" (1974)

Photo Séverine Camus

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