MY little STORY


like so many others ...

A childhood marked by a different vision of the world that I did not understand. Everything was too high, too strong. Too "everything". The emotions that held me, the quick understanding of the world that surpassed me. Difficulties of speaking amplified by an anguish that devoured me without understanding its origin.
Maltreatment and harassment in the College. Then the decision to give up the one I was at seventeen. Writing, drawing, painting, theatre, the link with the invisible.
Studies that are said to be superior in order to be what was expected of me. Then a professional life of incessant changes. The boredom that stuck me in a slow death. Until I became human resources manager and later a therapist. Then one day the understanding of the one I was a child: an undetected precocity coupled with a link with the hidden invisible.
Then crucial encounters.
The decision to finally become who I was, unveil my multipotentiality, share my eclecticismand and embody myself in my life.

To write, to paint, to create, to harmonize spaces, to be connected with the invisible, to transmit my experiences of lives, to create links and to build bridges between seemingly opposed fields...

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Photo Romain Cabon


My particularities:

1  a tree thinking coupled with receptive & perceptual abilities since childhood

2 a multi-skilling

3 an insatiable need for projects and discoveries

4 an exceptional sensing of the abilities present in each person

5 the sense of humor...

photo Agnieszka Hernes-Volmar


the self-knowledge & self-creation

the multi-potentiality

the perceptual intelligence

the living spaces after 50!

Training followed

NLP, Sophrology, Ericksonian Hypnosis.


Reiki, Shiatsu Masunaga, Traditional Chinese Energetics, Karmic Numerology.

Self-induced Trance  (Corine Sombrun ).




Oral Pathologies ( DU UFR Medical Sciences of Bordeaux ).

Addictive disorders. Burnout and mental fatigue at work.

Solutions Oriented Interventions. Systemic approach of organizations.


Bach flowers.


Initial higher studies in International Trade ( English, German, Spanish ), DESS in vine and wine law.

Pro life


17 years in business, including human resources management.

8 years in therapeutic practice.

Since 2020, author, artist and transmission belt.

Teachings provided


2014 to 2017:


University of Bordeaux

Institute of Business Administration

human ressources


Kedge Bordeaux

human resources Sport & Marketing module, human resources Master Wines & Spirits .

Not so long ago...


League against Cancer: Dom'Apeso from 2013 to 2015.

Volunteering in the department of Prof. Seriès at the Bordeaux University Hospital (eating disorders) in 2013 and 2014.

Innovative project around arduousness and health at work from 2008 to 2013, participation in regional conferences.

Co-launch of a study group in Gironde around working conditions in the wine sector in 2010.


Photo Romain Cabon

Photo Romain Cabon