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Note: I called Mind Staging (in a nod to home staging) a process of personal re-creation that does not require any trip to the other side of the world or the accomplishment of extraordinary feats. By relying on its pillars (awareness, decision, letting go, emptiness, weaning, re-creation), it requires to readjust our thinking, to get rid of what hurts in order to experience the newness in life within ourselves, and thus align ourselves in our soul essences by dancing with the powerful hidden energies in the "signs" and synchronicities.

How to accept yourself, finally be yourself, whatever the trials and the time passed?


Why wait for a twist of fate or a tragic event to decide to change?

How to get back to the controls of your life, when everything seems to be uncertainty, inside and around you?

In 2019, I took the most important decision of my life to the surprise of the people I was accompanying as a therapist. I chose to stop my professional exercise without financial net and without any project giving up my fears and what I thought were certainties to let myself be guided by life.

The time of transmission then became obvious. It is a long personal journey so far that I share in this first book.

From the first to the last page, it offers a look, a mirror.

Like a "coming-out", it also testifies to the difficulties to many people who are said to be "singular", "not like others", "atypical" to access the happiness.

It is an invitation to courage and audacity, for each one is an extra-ordinary being who must live banally fantastic things provided that he accepts to trust into something greater than himself - without getting carried - and to let go of what obliges him, but that he often depends on.

This book is finally the story of an encounter with a powerful process of recreation within the reach of all, whose recipe is found in life!

It is enough to let oneself be drawn into a world, his own, so that it reveals its hidden beauty...

Another path is another possible path in our life. Another path is also new thought processes to get us out of what locks us. It's called change!

You can find yourself on this path, which is not that different from many paths,

and ask yourself where you are today ...

each book is prepared by me and contains a channeled message for the person for whom it is intended.

Softcover 21x14.8 cm - 324 pages​

For sale only on this site to keep exclusivity and proximity with you!

Number of copies remaining: 72

Photo Agnieszka Hernes-Volmar
"[...] The messages that Séverine offers us will accompany you for long moments, because by turning the last page and its cover, your heart will feel the sweet sensation of happiness. The one that makes you want to make giant leaps through "The vacuum of uncertainty". " (extract from the preface of Julien Loubrie)




Some extracts from testimonies received by SMS, audio, WhatsApp, email ... Thank you for your touching words ... (no first name is mentioned, and some passages are cut to preserve the privacy of each):


"I want to share my first impressions from reading your book. [...] It makes me feel good, that’s the first thing, it makes me happy! It cheers me up when the morale is low….
[...] It is a real happiness for me that someone like you can put into words my visions, my feelings, my experiences, not feeling alone, misunderstood, gives me a real feeling of comfort. Yes for me your book is comforting. [...]

"[...] I want to tell you how much I loved your book. It resonated inside me a lot. I laughed, I cried and your life experiences touched and moved me enormously. [... ] You have so much to bring to the world. A muse of souls, I want to say. "

"[...] I want to tell you how touched I am in my heart. A myriad of emotions of varying intensity follow one another, intertwine. I pass from the laughter to the tears, from the tears to the burst of laughter in an unimaginable lapse of time. I love your "British" humor [...]. Thank you for this gift."

"I love this book! [...] A book like this, you have to enjoy it. In any case, it is not ready to join my library once finished, I will keep it close to me, to reread a few pages from time to time. This is a great success. Please do not stop there. A huge thank you Séverine."


"[...] "[...] Thank you! Your book has done me good, it reassured me, encouraged me to go further in my steps, helped me to resist the temptation to go back because of fear of missing, to persist, to persevere [...]. To not worry about where this will lead, to move on. Convince myself that what I need will come to me at the right time, like money, people, ideas, skills. To find joy and enthusiasm in what I do. [...] I am just beginning to experience all this and your journey has really helped me reconsider my life and beliefs. I also understand a little better what "to let go" means."


"[...] I’ve never read a book so fast. I’ve gone through all the emotions, the laughter, the tears, sometimes the incomprehension. [...] Thank you for writing this book,  I think it will help some people. And I hope it will help me..."

"Thank you for your book, we want to keep it with for life."

"A book that we start and we can't stop reading it."

"Thank you. A treat."

"Your book has spoken to me a lot. We need people like you."

"Similarities, resonance... thank you for this book."

"Thank you for what you did, it's wonderful. I look forward to the second book."

"A sensational book."

"I am coming to the end of reading your book. I enjoyed reading it. It makes me possible to reflect with much greater dimension of which I was not aware. I have become more aware of the importance of communicating with each and every one of us. I thank you for that."

"Very nice book, very beautiful writing, with a lot of humor. It brings us to our reality. It’s a strong testimony and a great story. It makes us reflect about the meaning of our  life. It’s a touching book."

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