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Open the door to inner transformation

at home and in you


Everything is energy, and that’s all there is to understand in life. Align yourself with the frequency of reality you desire and this reality will manifest itself. It cannot be otherwise."
(Albert Einstein)


Starting with this sentence by Albert Einstein that has been with me for a long time now: any change can only come from you!

"Well at home, well in oneself" is above all a practical book that invites you to follow and live a very simple and accessible path of inner transformation, both at home and in you.

Because recent events have disrupted our existence and changed our relationship to ourselves and our living spaces, this book proposes to you to evolve your links with your place of life, with yourself and with the World.

You will first be invited to integrate fundamentals such as the acceptance of your first perceptions or the interaction that you have with the  living in a mutual influence.

Then, during a path whose number of stages has been skilfully calculated, you will open your consciousness step by step.
You will discover how it is possible to rely on your habitat for a "work" on yourself. At each step, you will be offered to practice for you and your home in a transformation goal, always in simplicity and common sense.

You will finally learn how you, your home, operate during the four seasons. You will have a seasonal roadmap.

The various advances that are proposed to you in you are approached in turn from the angle of physical and emotional health, psychology, neuroscience, the energies of the visible and the invisible, the intelligences of the body, of the Heart and the Canal to name but a few!

Everything is energy...

Experience an interior evolution associating your place of life with a process of personal transformation.

Receive practical and simple keys to enable you to:

connect to the multiple intelligences around you and within you,

develop your connection with your home,

live in consciousness

open doors to the World.


Towards positive change for your life.

Note: even if I am certified in this discipline, this book is not a one of geobiology (watch out for hasty amalgams done by some sites and brands).


334 pages - editions DE VINCI practical books - diffusion Hachette -
available everywhere in France

As resident of the Bordeaux region, I want to give preference to a bookstore that I have known since my adolescence, run by passionate people. You can order it on its website with shipping , via the link below.