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To live in awareness, to know one another better, to develop one’s receptivity and perceptive intelligence through the wine tasting,


in co-animation with a wine technician-architect *

What if Wine allowed you to live in conscience?

What if Wine leads you to have another link with "Living"?

What if Wine allowed you to develop your perceptual intelligence?


Workshop offered in co-animation with Philippe Curaudeau *

Two universes, two complementary approaches,

united by the heart

"Tell me how you taste, and I will tell you how your perceive the World "

First level "Opening" : Taste as you are

A morning trip around:

  • the fundamentals of conscious tasting to understand Wine

  • of "why and how" let yourself be guided by your cognitive typicity in the tasting, by the fairest and most sincere way

  • of your intuitive tasting and your conditioned tasting

  • of your (de) gustatory capacities by the development of all your senses

  • a humanist approach to wine, far from any form of elitism and analysis

  • of your questions and questions

  • of ... and of ... and also of ...


You will discover in particular by transposition the existence of cognitive biases in your personal and / or professional life.


Second level "Evolution" : Enter the World of the subtle


After having experiencedOpening , you will go further during a morning in the technicality and the discovery of yourself. You will immerse yourself in the “true” soul of wine, which is not a concept of label or process, but an interaction with a set of actors of the “living”: tree, cork, barrel, base. vine, Man, place, memory of soils, memory of walls,… and how it is possible to smell or even perceive this whole in a very subtle way during the tasting. You will be able to transpose this interaction to the approach of teamwork.

You will be led to understand how you yourself can interact with the "living" and to understand more broadly how you influence your environment.

You will enter a universe linked to energies, memory, thought / environment interaction, while keeping your feet firmly on the ground!


* Philippe Curaudeau : visionary technician architect of wine

A cook by training, Philippe fell in love with the country of the Ovalie when he was 20 years old. In order to set foot on the lawns of the great west every Sunday with his crampons, he has to give up cooking. Between the latter and the Wine, there is only one step.

He sharpens his weapons in the cellar in great classified growths of the Médoc, including a prestigious 1er Grand Cru Classé de Bordeaux, before becoming, inhabited by the pugnacity of the autodidacts, responsible for the wines of a 3rd classified grand cru and a cru bourgeois in 2002. He created and then implemented innovative wine and traceability processes, conceptualized all new buildings and surrounded himself with new teams. Curious, his quest for excellence drives him to always be one step ahead, while maintaining an empirical approach and oh so respectful of Sieur Vin.


At the same time, Philippe played in rugby for 17 years, taking up the post of captain, then that of coach of juniors, cadets, seniors and seniors-leisure for 10 years.


As a visionary and architect of wine, passionate, he becomes over the years one of the discreet figures, nevertheless essential, of the Girondin wine industry.


The aim of each moment spent together around Wine is to open yourself up to a living and "sensitive" apprehension of your environment, to trust your first feelings, to develop your perceptual and bodily intelligence, to live in conscience.

*** This approach is also interesting in management and human resources for listening and acceptance of the singular part of each. ***


Wine is not a product, but a character all by itself… Go and meet it!





Maximum number of participants: 10.

"What a wonderful duo!

- very professional and knowledgeable

- very pioneer and pedagogue

- humble, passionate

- caring and comforting

- humorous !"

"Séverine and Philippe are brilliant. What generosity!"

"Thank you very much for this beautiful morning meeting around wine, in all its dimensions."

"It gives a new perspective on oneself and on wine."

"A very high professional level and great humility".

The Wine has a soul...
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