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Become again


... sharing to feel enlightened and accompanied on the journey to one's true self ...


... offering genuine answers to the "whys" of life.

It is always about sharing an explanation or an experience, which is not the absolute truth, each path being singular. Mine is, as yours. Just take here whatever you need to follow your own journey.


I'm inspired by our interactions, your messages, your concerns and the questions you share with me ...


Some relaxation sessions are recorded without musical background. Only the words and the voice vibrations are important, in order to focus your attention on the essential and to allow a better integration towards the modified state of consciousness.


I rely on my broad practice in energetics, particularly Chinese and Japanese, which I combine with sophrology, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and ericksonian hypnosis techniques in order to offer you recordings which all have a very particular aim towards self-development.


#8 - "I don't (always) feel understood by others", or the metaphor of the manual

Sometimes we have the impression that we are not (always) understood by others, and that these others are called our parents, our sister, our brother, our friends ... or society in general. (PODCAST 11 min)

métaphore manuelSéverine C.
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#7 - Agreeing to separate or the train metaphor

Life is made up of encounters and separations : we must therefore consider “meeting”, but also “separating” ... A few hours, a day, momentarily, forever ... and sometimes meet again later, sometimes otherwise, sometimes elsewhere, ... Life will tell you ! (PODCAST 15 min)

métaphore du trainSéverine C.
00:00 / 15:38

#6 - Do we have an obligation to be happy???

Do we have an obligation to "be happy"? To become a follower of HAPPY-culture? Many of you have the impression that you cannot be happy, that others are happy, and you are not. (PODCAST 9 min)

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#5 - "Is there someone made for me? "


Does this someone "designed" especially for us really exist, or does the "ideal" relationship rest on anything else? (PODCAST 12 min)



#5 bis




#4 - "Knowing how to say no"


Saying YES TO YOURSELF instead of "learning" to say no to others. (PODCAST 6 min)


se dire oui à soiSéverine C.
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#3 - "Self-improvement" & personal development


Why do we sometimes have the impression of stagnating or regressing, the urge to give up everything, while we are doing everything to change ? (PODCAST 8 mn)

métaphore du plongeurSéverine C.
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#2 - Oral communication


Understand that our flow of words is not always a reflection of what is going on in our head. (PODCAST 4 mn)

tempo verbalSéverine C.
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#1 - "Be anchored in one's life", do you know exactly what that means?

Small light on this widely used expression. And as a bonus a little anchoring exercise ! PODCAST + RELAXATION SESSION

être ancréSéverine C.
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exo debout ancrageSéverine C.
00:00 / 04:57
"Pure relaxation" and integration of energies ... let yourself be guided by the vibration of the voice.

Visualization of guided relaxation "post-covid": place oneself in our energetic Heart when the body is blocked.

When our body's energies are challenged by the very particular news and the roller coaster temperatures (in France). Lockdown, out of lockdown, lockdown again,... many of us feel tired, weary, out of focus or even "weird" ...

I offer you this relaxation-visualization in order to place yourself in the energies of the "Heart" (fire element, summer season, joy and communication) post-covid. Go to your "summer" center when your body seems blocked.

Reclining or seated posture according to your feelings.

Cœur ÉtéSéverine C.
00:00 / 19:33

Guided relaxation for self-esteem : integrating one's treasures and possibilities

Integrating our treasures, our possibilities, very gently.

It is important to be aware of our multiple strengths and possibilities, to then, embody them in our life. Also, I suggest you let yourself be carried away by my voice and the depth of the words.

Reclining or seated posture according to your feelings.


Séance ancrage richessesSéverine C.
00:00 / 08:42
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