Each year is
one more step



Our first living space is our body.

Artist, author, philosopher of life, woman... and "silver": we need to change how we look at our possibilities and the wrong images we make of mind and body. In a society that tends to separate, we have to break down the chains. When we express all our dimensions, we naturally enter multipotentiality.

It is with modernity that I evolve in my time. I answered the call of the "silver" or "grey" current (in reference to the color of grey-white hair assumed!) which honors people of a certain age, that the we said a decade ago "too old" or "outdated".


Having lived my fiftieth birthday as a major and beneficial turning point in my life, be a grey model contributes to my path: showing myself while conveying messages, proposing my image while giving meaning. Opening consciences requires speaking the language of the world.


Each photographer, through his/her energy, highlights different parts of ourself. Each photo shoot is both a human encounter and a lived experience.

What do I want to share?

Each year of our life can be one step towards harmony,

none of our spaces should be partitioned,

energy, aesthetics, connection, fashion, art,...: everything is linked... for the open mind!

Instagram: fiftyonesteps_to_harmony

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Photo Adrien Sifre