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system ecology

The humans who are shaping the world of tomorrow will be "awakened"


When the orchestra leader has another relationship

with the music of her/his life, she/he allows each of her/his musicians

to extract the quintessence of her/his instrument and thus reveal herself/himself to the rhythm of the score.




say the word in spheres which are your territories of influence ...

are an entrepreneur ... are an orchestra leader...

are what we call "a decision maker"

... in the awareness phase, with the feeling that a change is necessary, even if you do not know what or where ...


in the need or the desire to give meaning to your life in the broad sense ...




... a 360 ° insight of ALL your personal and professional worlds, a "reset" of your way of being and thinking in order to live more in harmony with yourself. You re-create yourself freely.

Let's talk aboutMind Staging*, an interior process that I named so, after having myself voluntarily initiated it, to experience it. Yes, it is possible to be oneself, even in times of crisis (interior or ... exterior), and ESPECIALLY in times of crisis!


Your approach is therefore initiated because strictly personal.

Everything is built on the material you bring.



Well ... Coaching or not coaching?

I am not "coach' and don't offer "coaching".

Humanist enlighting? Yes. Because it is neither a question of the search for results, nor of the goal to be reached, nor of the process, but just of YOU: we take into consideration all the areas of your life, all your dimensions, including spiritual ones, to develop them out in resonance with your deep Self.

Awakening process? Yes. Because it is about expanding awareness of yourself and the world.

We take care of your WIDTH and not your LENGTH.


I AM...

... your mirror, your questioning space, your "decompression chamber", your transmission belt to and for the understanding of your systems, in a desire for change on your part.


... be OPEN, because my perceptions will invite themselves to the Heart of the process.

... DESIRING to put your intuitive part and your Heart back at the center of your decisions.


Challenges make great humans.

The Great Humans make the great times.

Great Times make history.

History creates Great Challenges.



We must want to go a long way together before any mutual commitment, because I only support people driven by a sincere approach, guided by a real desire for change and ready to commit.

If so, and I have no doubt about it, I will then be delighted to know a piece of the story that led you to me ...


Contact me: (+33) 0 642 623 161 or



Fenêtre en bois

Are you wide awake ? Ready for awareness ?

The shutters metaphor ...


Click on the picture for the story.




"Séverine Camus is very attentive and wise in helping people to achieve fulfillment on their personal journey. Without judgments and very fair in her broad perception of the people she guides, her support for me has helped to reveal all my potential for carry out my projects and find a new inner balance.

His great culture, his strong sensitivity and his rich experience allow him to better understand the situation of people and to respond to a wide range of issues.

At my own pace, our exchanges allowed me to progress positively to face the trials of life, and to evolve in harmony with myself within my environment.

I cordially thank Séverine for her kindness and her great open-mindedness, which are so precious in finding strength, serenity and lucidity every day.

This experience was the way to elevate me towards self-fulfillment and altruism.

Many thanks, I wish you the best." (David - Direction of a regional Music School)

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