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An artist from an early age, I abandoned my link with creation at seventeen to follow a conventional route.

I reconnected with my line through the unexpected path of shamanism. I had then to work tirelessly for an entire year, confronted with my uncertainties and the loneliness of the artist, before finding the maturity of my line and the aim of my message. Painting and India ink then found their place.

My art is thus intimately linked to the living and to the infinity of consciousness as a creative and creator power. It is with this aim that I create for people and their living spaces. Even when it is asked to me to work on shoes, my approach is both artistic and shamanic: I create like on a painting by connecting me to the energy of the person who will wear them.


I feel the vibrations of places of life, just like those of people. I imagine this meeting that I do not always know at a time when my hand caresses the paper or the canvas.

I propose the creation at the service of a place of life. It also carries the energy of the souls that evolve there. The work / living space duo forms a scenic whole: harmony, alchemy, enhancement, space, relief, ... I connect to a whole, to energies. The line, the colors, the theme and the words are born.

Each work is the fruit of an encounter with a dream, a travel, a person, an experience, a place or... my soul!

It thus tells the story of this encounter through traits that express my porosity to the world, source of my inspiration.

Everything is encounters. Everything is energies.

My art is intimately linked to writing, philosophy and symbolism. Forms and letters are mixed in metaphors, language of the depths of the psyche. I evoke more than does suggest, letting the psyche wander according to the meanderings of her journey.

I usually work flat. I write the painting, draw the letters and paint the unconscious.





Houses, apartments, workshops, cities, companies, castles, places of gastronomy and relaxation, professional offices, ...: I will be happy to offer you the work for your place or the one that will follow you everywhere. Tap into what is already created or ask me to imagine what will be done for you, with my style and energy.

unique art for humans & living spaces

" The creations of Séverine Camus are not only original, but they also reveal her singularity. They question the people about their environment, their own condition and their imagination.
Her stubbornness, her creativity, her patience and her culture allow her to show the world where we live in its natural specificities and its less accessible facets.
The themes, the choice of tools and supports for painting, as well as the modern and dreamlike aesthetics in which she invites the other, are the pure reflection of her personality: both multidimensional and harmonious.

David Lalloz, President of the French Federation of Art & musical Education

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