I feel the vibrations of places of life, just like those of people. I imagine this meeting that I do not always know at a time when my hand caresses the paper or the canvas.

I put each work at the service of a place. The latter also carries the energy of the souls that evolve there. The work / place duo forms a scenic whole: harmony, alchemy, enhancement, space, relief, ... I connect to a whole, to energies. The line, the colors, the theme and the words are born.


The World is an infinite and unstable informative field.

We are all both singular and plural.

I understood that I could not be fulfilled by one way of create. I thus have two large creative plans like a geometric vision of the world. I transform the informations from it into images or symbols on my mental screen. There, the work is created.

When I let my hand do, I go for round abstract shapes or figurative with a "transed" line. The lines tangle and overlap like the tree structure of life (and my mind!). We find reminders to the female body. It is horizontality.

But to satisfy this spirit which also nourishes itself by science and fascinated by the notion of time, I need to dwell on structured and thoughtful works, with lines, in the search for a certain mastery. It is verticality.

Sometimes horizontality and verticality coexist in the same work. ​It is the alchemy.


These two plans translate my vision of the world which is not linear and in a certain way the complementarity between immanence and transcendence.



Houses, apartments, workshops, cities, companies, castles, places of gastronomy and relaxation, professional offices, ...: I will be happy to offer you the work for your place or the one that will follow you everywhere.


Contact me for tailor-made or for works already created:

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