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Accepting your receptivity is not settling into the "hyper" or the "hypo".

It is to live "in": the world, the Worlds, the living, time.

live in the world

You feel that you are a "receptive" person

(intentionally, I use the adjective "receptive" instead of "hypersensitive" - ​​see my post ):

you feel that you are living the world intensely, with all of your senses, including those beyond the commonly referred to the five physical senses, which can sometimes be difficult with the "others",
you have the impression that you are receiving "too much", "perceiving "too much", living "too much" what is happening in your life, that it can even be "hyper" depending on the feedback from your environment following your emotional and behavioral responses ,
You may perceive things that others do not see, do not feel, do not live, which leads you to feel misunderstood at times,
for you very often an emotion is not an emotion, but a tsunami, an earthquake, an upward vertigo, such an abysmal chasm that th best speleologist wouldn't dare to venture in it,
in fact you do not always feel "normal" despite your attempts to achieve it: you say you are atypical? an alien? "not normal" ? a sponge ? or maybe it is the others who are telling you?



- to be listened to and heard in a space only for you, to feel less alone, quite simply,
- understand your way of perceiving the world (or the Worlds!) and your intrinsic functioning,
- catch a glimpse of the world at large and its own perception of you,
- to be accompanied on the path to enlighting your unique potentials,
- know how to talk about yourself in the fairest way, with confidence,
- to be the actor of your receptivity and not to suffer it any more, while flourishing in a free and chosen way with your environment.
And if you perceive what is called "the subtle", but are lost or helpless in the face of phenomena that seem to escape you:
- to take a step back on your ways of perceiving the Worlds, among the many possibilities accessible to Human,
- to modulate them according to your needs and your degree of acceptance,
- to channel... your "channel"!
- to position yourself in what you are ready to accept.

Les arbres forestiers

I AM...

your ear, your mirror, your decompression chamber, your rest area, your gas station to refuel, your discreet companion on your way, your lighthouse in the fog ...


... be DESIRING (SE) of an accompaniment , which is not a therapy, but an enlightenment, an enlighting, a sharing of knowledge and experience, a momentary step out on your way, to allow you to go further in a free and autonomous way, after having (re)gained confidence in yourself and your luminous potentials,

... be READY to a creaCtive space .




We move forward at your own pace, according to your needs, but you have to know that any process on oneself and for oneself requires time, repetition ... and Heart!
We must be certain at the outset that I am the right person to accompany you, that your need falls within the scope presented here and that you are ready for this adventure. So, I suggest you send me a message explaining your perceptual problem to
Appointments on WhatsApp only, except for visual necessity (Skype), and are adjustable in advance by bank transfer.*
We will thus invite the visual mind with parsimony, and will not mobilize all your senses, to avoid mental overload! Let's take care, at least at the beginning, of your receptivity ;-)
We can therefore give priority to the voice and the way of the Heart, and fully invest the time spent together.
* Appointment: 70 € (between 1hour and 1hour15) - shorter appointments can be used for intermediate points, or follow-up of people who have been accompanied by me.




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