Rekindle our wonder

For years, I have been taking pictures of the places I interact with. Whether it is nature, the city or living spaces, these "captures" - as I call them - are intimately linked to my vision of the world.

Through my writings, my paintings, my captures of images or my approach to spaces of life, I seek to show the power and depth of our environment. I attach particular importance to perspectives, lines, details and contrasts. An angle of view, a nook, a patch of landscape, a daily scene, an armchair, a presence. It is not always necessary to go far to find the strength of the living and rekindle our wonder. Even if nature is an inexhaustible source for the latter, urban landscapes or architecture offer surprising gifts.

I decided a short time ago to share these images. Each has a particular vibration. The magic of colors rubs shoulders with the depth of black&white.

I wanted this sharing as an invitation to see the world not with our eyes, but with our heart.

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