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Innovative, humanist transmission for 52 weeks...


All I need is your first name, last name and date of birth.

I connect to your energy, your contact given to me your agreement. I never connect to anyone without his/her permission. I do not accept to serve as a "medium" or "seer" (see below). You have to accept my multiple profile and abilities in different areas to trust me.

I open my antenna, so to speak. Words and sentences come. I note anytime, anywhere.

It takes me several days to collect and assemble your 52 roadmaps.










52  personal roadmaps

These are sentences, more or less long, in the form of advice or directions. It is not clairvoyance or mediumship, because I do not place myself in this sphere. My vibration is that of the scouts. Take everything written as a transmission to help to you.

Benefiting from a beacon in the storm or a light on the road to transmit to you what your soul or the living in the broad sense tells you but that you do not listen to, respects your free will. Your future belongs to you and it is up to you to build it. The messages are connected to your individual,  your individuality, your energy state, what is best for you at this moment in your life.

An anchor point

Each little paper is an anchor point on your week. It is a most beneficial vibration to place yourself on. When you doubt, when you need to be encouraged or boosted, when you want to understand, when you seem to be blind to the signs of life, when you need to move on... or simply to be accompanied.  

Let the chance do

Place the papers in a box that will be assigned to them, WITHOUT reading them.

Each week, take a small paper "at random". It will definitely be him. If he doesn't talk to you today, he will tomorrow. Or the day after tomorrow. Or maybe later. Don't put it back in the box because it doesn't make sense to your controlling mind. Something will always happen inside you.


Every word is in its place. Every word has its use.

Put the paper aside after a week or destroy it. After a year, there will be none left.



When I stopped working as a therapist at the end of 2019, I made a promise that I would follow the signs on my way, like small pebbles to be picked up. Those who have read my first book "Another Path" will understand.

The first little pebble immediately linked me with writing.

The second led me to share my knowledge.

The third allowed me to reconnect with artistic drawing and creation for the spaces if life.

The last finally allowed me to find my shaman's soul. It was the missing piece of my puzzle. Finding this soul, a moment that I had been waiting for deep inside me for a very long time, dictated the need to transmit as I propose it here.


52 WEEKS FOR YOURSELF: 90€ (+ 4€ contribution to postage in FR, + 11€ abroad)

Please send me your message to indicating your first name, your last name and your date of birth.

Tell me if you prefer payment by check, bank transfer or paypal. I will answer you directly to send you all the useful information within 48 hours.

Each of your little messages will be:

- typed on computer to make it readable

- printed on recycled paper

- stamped to prove its authenticity.


Everything will be wrapped in tissue paper, closed with my logo, then put in envelopes.

From your payment,

2 weeks are necessary for me to "channel" your 52 messages. Then count the

delivery time by letter followed.



Photos Agnieszka Hernes-Volmar

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